Konzelmann Estates
Pinot Noir (D) Niagara

Loggia Del Sole
Chianti (XD) Italy

Fat Bastard
Merlot (D) France

Dan Aykroyd
Cab/Shiraz (D) Niagara

Reif EstatesCabernet Sauvignon(D) Niagara

$6oz / $9oz / BOTTLE

$8.00 / $11.50 / $32.00

$8.00 / $11.50 / $32.00

$8.00 / $11.50 / $32.00



KonzelmannPinot Grigio (D) Niagara

KonzelmannChardonnay (Unoaked) (D) Niagara

Two OceanSauvignon Blanc (XD) S.Africa

Hernder EstatesRiesling (MS) Niagara

Reif EstatesChardonnay (Semi-Oaked)

EastdellRosé (M) Niagara

$6oz / $9oz / BOTTLE

$8.00 / $11.50 / $32.00

$8.00 / $11.50 / $32.00

$8.00 / $11.50 / $32.00


Terra Boa Tinto XD Portugal

Punti FerrerCabernet Sauvignon D Chile

Hernder Estates
Cabernet Merlot D Niagara

Konzelmann Estates
Merlot D Niagara

Aure WinesOld Vines Marechal Foch D Niagara

CasalboscoChianti Reserva XD Italy

Villa MariaPinot Noir Private Bin XD New Zealand

PrivadaCab.Sauv/Merlot/Malbec D Argentina

NortonMalbec D Argentina

TommasiValpolicella Ripasso D Italy

AnticaVignaAppassionato Baby Amarone XD Italy

Gran SignoriaRosso Veronese D Italy

Angus the BullCabernet Sauvignon XD Australia

SantomeCabernet Sauvignon D Australia

Gnarled VineRed Zinfandel D Cali, USA

Adobe Reserva OrganicMerlot D Chili










Adobe ReservaOrganic Sauvignon Blanc XD Chile

Gnarled VineOaked Chardonnay D Cali, USA

FlatroofPinot Grigio D S.Africa

Cave SpringsDry Riesling M Niagara

East DellPinot Grigio D Niagara

Aure WinesPinot Blanc D Niagara

Nugan Third GenerationSemi-oaked Chardonnay D Australia

LambertiPinot Grigio D Italy

Saint ClairSauvignon Blanc XD New Zealand

E&J; GalloWhite Zinfandel MS USA













Henkell Trocken
Sparkling Wine (Germany)
$10.00 200ml / $39.00- 750ml
Veuve Clicquot Brut
Champagne (France)
$57.00 – 375ml / $99.00- 750ml
SantomeProsecco (Italy)
$38.00 – 750ml

Elevate your Urban Steakhouse meals with high-quality wines

A good meal won’t be complete without your favourite glass of wine to complement it. At The Urban Steakhouse, we have a wide selection of red wines, white wines, champagnes, and sparkling wines to choose from. 

Wine Selection

Wines can make your dining experience feel more sophisticated especially when you order one of the finest in the selection. Even the least expensive wines can level up your meals when it matches with the dish perfectly. Here are some of the wine selections available at our cellar:

Red Wines

Red wines6 ounces9 ouncesBottles
Konzelmann EstatesPinot Noir NiagaraCAD 8.00CAD 11.50CAD 32.00
Loggia Del SoleChianti ItalyCAD 8.00CAD 11.50CAD 32.00
Fat BastardMerlot FranceCAD 8.00CAD 11.50CAD 32.00
Dan AykroydCab and Shiraz NiagaraCAD 8.00CAD 11.50CAD 32.00
Reif EstatesCabernet Sauvignon NiagaraCAD 8.00CAD 11.50CAD 32.00

White Wines

White wines6 ounces9 ouncesBottles
KonzelmannPinot Grigio NiagaraCAD 8.00CAD 11.50CAD 32.00
KonzelmannChardonnay (Unoaked) NiagaraCAD 8.00CAD 11.50CAD 32.00
Two OceanSauvignon Blanc South AfricaCAD 8.00CAD 11.50CAD 32.00
Hernder EstatesRiesling NiagaraCAD 8.00CAD 11.50CAD 32.00
Reif EstatesChardonnay (Semi-Oaked)CAD 8.00CAD 11.50CAD 32.00
EastdellRosé NiagaraCAD 8.00CAD 11.50CAD 32.00

By the Bottle

Terra Boa Tinto PortugalCAD 30.00 
Punti FerrerCabernet Sauvignon ChileCAD 36.00
Hernder EstatesCabernet Merlot NiagaraCAD 38.00
Konzelmann EstatesMerlot NiagaraCAD 38.00
Aure WinesOld Vines Marechal Foch NiagaraCAD 42.00
CasalboscoChianti Riserva ItalyCAD 53.00
Villa MariaPinot Noir Private Bin New ZealandCAD 45.00
PrivadaCab.Sauv, Merlot, Malbec ArgentinaCAD 47.00
NortonMalbec ArgentinaCAD 40.00
TommasiValpolicella Ripasso ItalyCAD 45.00
AnticaVignaAppassionato Baby Amaron ItalyCAD 54.00
Gran SignoriaRosso Veronese ItalyCAD 40.00
Angus the BullCabernet Sauvignon AustraliaCAD 45.00
SantomeCabernet Sauvignon AustraliaCAD 38.00
Gnarled VineRed Zinfandel California, USACAD 39.00
Adobe Reserva OrganicMerlot ChiliCAD 35.00
Gnarled VineOaked Chardonnay California, USACAD 35.00
FlatroofPinot Grigio South AfricaCAD 40.00
Cave SpringsDry Riesling NiagaraCAD 32.00
East DellPinot Grigio NiagaraCAD 39.00
Aure WinesPinot Blanc NiagaraCAD 32.00
Nugan Third GenerationSemi-oaked Chardonnay AustraliaCAD 35.00
LambertiPinot Grigio ItalyCAD 35.00
Saint ClairSauvignon Blanc New ZealandCAD 35.00
E&J; GalloWhite Zinfandel Minnesota, USACAD 40.00