It is often asked in fine-dining restaurants how you want your steak to be grilled. From rare, medium-rare or well-done, you can enjoy steak whatever your preference is. What mainly differentiates these three kinds of doneness is their time differences when the steak is cooked. Here below is a more detailed description of each one:

  • Rare steak 

A rare steak is cooked long enough that the outside turns brown while the inside is still bright red and juicy. It is warm in the centre and lightly charred on the outside. Usually, it would only take five minutes on the hot grill for a one-inch steak to be cooked rare. 

  • Medium rare steak

Medium rare steak is the most often recommended level of doneness to diners. This is warm through the middle with its centre mostly pink in colour with a touch of red. Sides are well-browned with the top and bottom turned into the dark brown shade with grill marks. This is firm to touch but is still juicy in the middle portion. 

  • Well done 

Compared to the other two levels of doneness, this is the most difficult one to do. This is because you would have to achieve a shade that is no longer pink but is not drying out at the same time. It is challenging to ensure that the steak is not burnt outside and instead should be brown throughout. 

Health benefits 

Now that you got to know more about the different levels of doneness, The Urban Steakhouse suggests that you go with a medium-rare steak for your next experience with this meat. Apart from the reason that medium-rare steaks are a field of expertise for many chefs, it also has great health benefits for your body.

  • You can get an abundant source of protein because of the meat and it helps you maintain a good muscle mass. 
  • It has iron and vitamin B12 which can increase your supply of red blood cells, preventing you from having anaemia. 
  • It can help block the growth and spread of tumours that can cause cancer. 
  • Eating medium-rare steaks can help increase your immunity.  
  • It helps increase your bone strength and prevent you from having osteoporosis.  
  • Medium-rare steaks are easier to digest as compared to raw meat.  

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