The Urban Steakhouse entered into its 12th year of business with a new menu. A menu that was created with the input of many customers. Many items were introduced as features to be rated on for approval and requests were taken into consideration from customers. The owner, Cindy Lamarche, has a true appreciation for the repeat customers she receives and their feedback, and that is how this menu was created. Wanting to offer a menu with a variety of options to please every palate. From steak to chicken, seafood, pastas, ribs, veal, lamb or salads, the Urban offers a wide range of meals to choose from. What was once a partnership based business, with Cindy being a part owner all along, she became sole owner in Sept of 2013. Many changes have taken place since then with a new chef taking over recently. A true passion for customer service and quality food is shared by all staff at the Urban. Everyone cares and truly wants every customer coming in to feel pleased and spoiled in their dining experience. A nice variety of Niagara and International wines are offered at affordable prices and ambiance is a plus when visiting us with the choice of our dining room or lounge area that offers live entertainment from great local musicians. Come enjoy a great lunch or a relaxing night out at The Urban.

Visit The Urban Steakhouse and get great deals on your meals!

Grab a fancy and delicious meal at The Urban Steakhouse and enjoy the sophisticated vibe of the restaurant. The menu offers a variety of dishes to choose from and a selection of drinks to pair your meals with. Dine with us and immerse yourself to a fulfilling steak experience you won’t get anywhere else!

About The Urban Steakhouse

The restaurant opened its doors to the people of Fonthill, Canada twelve years ago. This is when Cindy Lamarch, the beloved owner of The Urban Steakhouse had an epiphany of building a classy restaurant at the centre of town. 

It’s the goal of the restaurant to offer a menu with a variety of options to please every palate. From steak to chicken, seafood, pasta portions, ribs, veal, lamb or salads, The Urban Steakhouse offers a wide range of meals to choose from. 

The Urban Steakhouse started as a business partnership with one of Cindy’s close friends but she became a sole owner in September 2013. Many changes have taken place since then, starting with a new chef taking over as of recent. The new staff members also share a passion for customer care and service. Customers will feel pleased and pampered every time they dine in the restaurant. 

Urban Steakhouse events and great deals

There are various events at the restaurant that customers can enjoy. Check out the exciting events that you can join when you dine in with us:


Don’t miss out on the annual Lobsterfest tradition here at Urban Steakhouse! It’s a lively festival that started in the year that the restaurant was built. Discounted rates apply on all items in the menu with additional selections of lobster specials made by our very own chef. Enjoy a mouth-watering lobster meal at a very affordable price. The festival runs all throughout August. 

Wine Down Wednesdays (4 PM to 10 PM)

What better way to take the edge off a stressful week than joining the Wine Down Wednesdays at the restaurant. This mid-week break offers a CAD 5.00 off on purchases of any bottles of wine in our selection and a CAD 1.00 on glass top-ups! Enjoy your dinner every Wednesday with us to get these discounted wine prices. 

Thursday Date Night Dinner Package (4 PM to 10 PM)

Avoid the weekend crowd and enjoy a three-course dinner at our restaurant every Thursday. The package deal is at an affordable price of CAD 60.00 per person! Choose your favourite daily soup on our menu or a garden salad as an appetizer. There are different entrees to choose from every week specially curated by our skilled chef. Cap off the night with a generous serving of tasty desserts that you can share with your loved ones.